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The COVID-19 Corona Virus and Bankruptcy


No one wants to file for bankruptcy. But if you’re one of the millions laid off, furloughed, or unemployed due to the coronavirus outbreak, might make sense-to consider filing chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. Learn how a bankruptcy can “restart” your financial future for you and your family. A financial plan that includes filing for bankruptcy will give you a pathway to regain a sense of control during this unpredictable time and help get you back on your feet financially.

If you are fortunate to receive relief money that certainly can help, but the truth is it is a temporary fix to a problem that needs long term definite results. A bankruptcy is for the person that needs additional relief from credit cards, personal loans, student loans, bank loans, repossession, foreclosures, and IRS tax debt.

The Marin Law Firm and attorney Carmelina Marin can help you strategize and develop a pathway to financial stability.

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