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Prenuptial agreements: a growing perception as marriage enhancers

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements & Postnuptial Agreements |

The American family has continued to evolve in diverse and exciting ways over successive decades. And that change has centrally embraced new attitudes concerning family law fixtures.

One of those mainstays is the prenuptial agreement, a contract that was once considered near taboo subject matter to many marrying parties in Florida and across the country.

That is no longer the case, both among younger newlyweds and older couples, many who are embarking on second or subsequent marriages.

Increasingly, prenuptial contracts (also termed premarital agreements and prenups) are being seen for the broad utility and certainty they can confer on individuals about to take a key step in life. Essentially, a prenup is a planning tool that is both a catalyst to dialogue and an instrument for crafting mutual agreement on important marital points. We expressly note that on a relevant page of our website at the established Marin Law Firm in Orlando. We stress therein that a prenuptial agreement often strengthens a couple’s relationship at an early point by helping it start “on a footing of open and honest communication.”

A proven family law attorney can help a client negotiate and draft a marital contract that is well tailored and enforceable. An experienced legal advocate can also spotlight potentially relevant matter that a marrying party might reasonably want to address in a prenuptial agreement. A prenup (or postnuptial agreement, as well, which can be drafted following marriage) can make great sense in many scenarios, including these:

  • Where there is a material disparity in wealth between marrying partners
  • Where a second betrothal features children from an earlier marriage
  • Where a family business and/or considerable inheritance is a factor
  • Where one of the partners is strapped with heavy debt
  • Where agreement is sought on matters such as religion, child-rearing, careers, respective parental roles and more
  • Where set-forth provisions can work in close concert with estate planning goals

That bullet list might seem lengthy, but it is merely a representative sighting of a far larger universe where a marital contract can assume central importance.

A prenup’s powerful usefulness is now well recognized by legions of couples willing to explore the benefits it can confer. A family law attorney having a deep well of experience working with marital contracts can provide further information.

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