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Logistics of dividing retirement accounts through divorce

The true cost of divorce can be enormous. Sure, there are oftentimes emotional attachments that must be severed, if they are not already, and losing precious time with children can feel like a gut punch. The marriage dissolution process itself can be time-consuming and emotionally trying. Yet, while the emotional effect may be more than enough to leave Floridians feeling overwhelmed, the financial ramifications of divorce have to be dealt with competently unless these individuals want to find themselves losing out on property to which they are entitled.

Hidden assets can affect the outcome of property division

The purpose of property division in Florida divorces is to give each party a fair share of marital assets. Though this division is equitable in nature, it is not always equal. As a result, there is usually a lot at stake when the parties cannot agree to the terms of property division. This means that those of us who find themselves in this position need to ensure they do everything they can to protect themselves and their financial interests.

Child custody, co-parenting, and the parenting plan coordinator

Child custody and co-parenting issues can be amongst the most fought over legal issues in a divorce. Sadly, when parents can't come to an agreement regarding these issues the matter is left to a judge to make important decisions. This means that an individual who knows very little about the parties and the child will make living and visitation arrangements that can completely reshape a child's relationship with his or her child. For this reason, it is advisable to seek a peaceful resolution to these matters outside of court if at all possible.

Divorce's property division includes dividing marital debts

Most people who consider what their financial position will be post-divorce often find themselves thinking about property division. After all, the division of retirement accounts, properties, vehicles and other assets can determine the standard of living one can enjoy after marriage dissolution. Yet, just as marital assets must be equitably divided during divorce, so, too, must marital debts. If mishandled, an individual can find him or herself facing a crippling share of these debts.

Four common challenges to address during a grey divorce

More and more people over 50 years old are getting divorced. While everyone deserves to pursue happiness, divorce presents some specific challenges for this age group. According to a recent Forbes article, the top four challenges in grey divorces are Social Security benefits, division of assets, health insurance and adult children. By taking a look at common challenges, those considering grey divorce can better prepare to overcome some of the challenges that may be ahead.

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