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Can my custody agreement allow me to travel with my child?

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Child custody can be complicated even when both parents remain cordial after a break up. You want your child to spend a fair amount of time with each parent. The law provides guidelines for events like long weekends and holidays that intend to help both parents evenly share the child’s time over the course of the agreement.

Having a good parenting plan can helps you avoid any confusion or arguments. Both parents then know what to expect and can also plan their schedules around their visitation time.

An important issue to iron out is travelling with the child. You cannot always plan a vacation around a parenting plan. Many parents choose to negotiate some sort of travel clause into their agreement for this reason. Whether or not you can travel out of state or country with your child can be set in your parenting plan.

Several options for travel

The state of Florida provides a few options for including travel within a parenting plan. When filing your parenting plan, you have a couple of options to choose from:

  • The child may travel if the parent provides the other parent a predetermined number of days in advance. This notice should include destination, itinerary and contact information.
  • The child may travel if the non-travelling parent provides written consent. The other parent will still require information on destination, itinerary and contact information.
  • A parent may restrict or forbid a child to travel to a country without certain child abduction protections in place. The non-travelling parent may request the travelling parent purchase an open-ended ticket for them in the event the child does not return.
  • A parent may choose to forbid any travel with the child.

A case-by-case basis

The simple answer to whether you may include travel with your child in your parenting plan is “yes.” However, each plan is different because each situation is unique. You and your former spouse will have to determine if travel is best for your child.

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