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Orlando-area firm advocates throughout property division process

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Property Division |

Over the last couple of weeks we have looked at some of the challenges related to divorce’s property division process. There can be a lot on the line when dealing with retirement accounts, primarily because these are oftentimes the largest assets held by a couple. Marital debt can also be significant, though. If these matters are improperly handled, then a Floridian can find him or herself strapped with burdensome debt with little financially stability. This is a divorcee’s worst nightmare.

Yet, property division is supposed to be carried out equitably in Florida. While this means that the division of assets and debts should be handled fairly, it does not mean that everything will be split evenly. This leaves the matter ripe for legal argument. The parties can dispute their contribution to the marriage and their financial needs post-divorce, and arguments can be made regarding the classification of property, which can be critical because property that is separately owned is not subject to division.

With so much at stake, Floridians who are going through a divorce need to have an aggressive legal ally on their side. A skilled legal professional will know which factors a court will consider when dividing marital assets and debts and argue accordingly. By crafting compelling legal arguments, a divorce attorney can spur negotiations toward favorable resolution all the while preparing to litigate the matter if necessary.

At The Marin Law Firm, we’ve shown a dedication to helping Orlando-area residents fight for what they deserve in the divorce process. Whether that means seeking ownership of the familial home, avoiding a former partner’s student loan debt, or taking a fair share of retirement and savings accounts, our team of dedicated professionals stand ready to advocate for a just outcome. These cases are highly fact-specific, though, which means that discussing these matters with an attorney to obtain realistic expectations is advisable.

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