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Help supporting your kids through divorce

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While getting a divorce might be emotionally and mentally draining for you, you might be even more worried about how it affects your children. Your kids are the most important part of your life and you want to make sure this process does not cause the too much stress.

Fortunately, there are many different ways you can support your kids through this process. Here are a few tips you may want to use through each point of a divorce.

Breaking the news

The first step toward supporting your children begins with telling them about the divorce in the first place. This is a delicate conversation and it can set up the rest of the process. Deciding when, where and how to tell your children about a divorce is important.

A few tips you can use regarding the conversation is:

  • Tell them at the same time, together with your spouse
  • Plan what you are going to say ahead of time
  • Prepare for their potential questions and emotional response

Telling your kids in the right way can help them through the rest of the process.

During the process

Going through the actual divorce can also be a difficult experience for your children. The divorce process can be stressful and confusing for a child. A few things you can do to help support your kids are:

  • Try to keep their schedule consistent
  • Let them know they can share their feelings with you
  • Do not bad-mouth your spouse in front of them
  • Try not to argue or discuss the details of the divorce in front of them
  • Lean on others for support if you need it

Letting your kids know you still love and support them is one of the most important ways you can help them through the process.

After the fact

While the divorce itself can be a difficult experience, life after divorce for your children can also be difficult. There are a lot of adjustments your children will go through. Be sure they know you are there for them. Keep them informed about what is going to happen and be attentive to their needs and questions.

Supporting your kids through the entire experience is important to you. With some patience, thought and time, you and your kids can get through this difficult time.

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