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Can your ex take your kids out of country without your consent?

If you’re like most parents, there is no one you care for more than your children. You want to protect them and keep them safe from harm. This becomes a challenge when you suspect that your co-parent is a risk to take your child out of the state or country. Having your ex-spouse take your child out of the country without your permission may be scary because you fear for when you’ll see your child again.

We know how to build compelling child custody arguements

As we have discussed previously on this blog, the standard applied by the courts in child custody and visitation matters is the child's best interest. This is a subjective standard, thereby leaving the matter open to legal argument. This is both good news and bad news. It's good since it gives every Florida parent the ability to create legal arguments to demonstrate why they believe their position best supports their child's best interests, but it's also bad news because it can be difficult for these individuals to know how to build these arguments. With one's very relationship with his or her child on the line, Floridians shouldn't leave the issue to chance.

Postnuptial agreement can help protect financial interests

A prenuptial agreement can be a difficult matter to discuss with a soon-to-be-spouse. Many feel that it will breed a sense of mistrust and ruin the romantic feeling that is often associated with marriage. Although prenuptial agreements can actually provide each party to a marriage with a sense of security, they are not right for everyone. In fact, many Floridians don't even realize that prenuptial agreements are an option until they are already married. Once they realize that they may have made a mistake, these individuals sometimes find themselves concerned for their financial future in the even that their marriage ends in divorce.

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