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Postnuptial agreement can help protect financial interests

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements & Postnuptial Agreements |

A prenuptial agreement can be a difficult matter to discuss with a soon-to-be-spouse. Many feel that it will breed a sense of mistrust and ruin the romantic feeling that is often associated with marriage. Although prenuptial agreements can actually provide each party to a marriage with a sense of security, they are not right for everyone. In fact, many Floridians don’t even realize that prenuptial agreements are an option until they are already married. Once they realize that they may have made a mistake, these individuals sometimes find themselves concerned for their financial future in the even that their marriage ends in divorce.

As stressful as that situation can be, Floridians should take comfort knowing that they can still enter into a postnuptial agreement. This agreement functions just like a prenuptial agreement, except for the fact that it is negotiated and entered into after the wedding. Therefore, a postnuptial agreement can address matters from property division to alimony. With one of these agreements in place, individuals can focus on their marriage instead of quibbling over financial matters. In other words, each party knows where he or she stands in the event that the marriage comes to an end.

Many Floridians find that it is easier to discuss these arrangements post-marriage. By that time, they have likely developed a deeper sense of trust and understand that the agreement is to the benefit of both parties. A postnuptial agreement can also be utilized to replace an existing prenuptial agreement, too. Therefore, those who have a prenuptial agreement and find it inadequate to meet their current situation can sit down, discuss the matter, and agree to terms that suit their needs.

There are a number of situations that can spur an individual to consider entering into a postnuptial agreement with his or her loved one. These agreements can help protect children from another marriage, address debt taken on by one party to the marriage, and protect those who stop working to care for a family. To better ensure that one’s financial best interests are protected, those who are interested in postnuptial agreements should think about discussing the matter with a family law attorney they trust.

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