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We can help remedy interstate child abduction issues

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2019 | Interstate & International Child Abduction |

Recently on the blog we discussed how the Hague Convention can be utilized to address matters of international child abduction. Successful utilization of this international law is crucial for those who are facing the unthinkable. Those whose children have been taken to another state or another country in contradiction of an existing child custody order are often afraid for their children’s well-being and don’t know where to turn for help. Although law enforcement’s efforts may be beneficial, they are often confined within the bounds of their jurisdiction.

The fear and overwhelming stress felt by these parents shouldn’t paralyze them into inaction, though. Instead, they should seek out the legal guidance they need to enforce their court orders and seek the return of their children. This often comes in the form of zealous advocacy from a skilled family law attorney who understands the law and how to successfully apply it to the facts at hand.

At The Marin Law Firm, our legal team understands what’s at stake in these cases. That is why we act quickly to work with the courts to ensure your court orders are enforced in the jurisdiction where your child is being held. This is a highly specialized area of the law, though, which is why you need a legal advocate on your side who can utilize the UCCJEA and the Hague Convention to your advantage.

Even once your child returns home your child custody issues may not all be resolved. Interstate and international child abduction can spur additional legal action that restricts that parent’s access to your child. Therefore, if you need a child custody modification or a suspension of parenting time, then it is best to discuss those matters with your attorney so that they can be appropriately addressed.

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