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Am I obligated to pay spousal support to my immigrant spouse? . . . MAYBE

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Divorce |

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Many U.S. citizens and permanent residents are shocked after they divorce their immigrant spouse, to realize what they signed on to with USCIS Form I-864, the Affidavit of Support. It creates an obligation for the sponsor to annually support the immigrant at an amount that’s 125% or more of the U.S. Poverty Guidelines levels until the immigrant either:

  • becomes a U.S. citizen
  • earns 40 work quarters credited toward Social Security (approximately ten years of work)
  • dies, or
  • permanently leaves the United States.

Notice that “divorce” is not on the above list. However, if you are contemplating divorce from your spouse and either you or your spouse is a foreign national, and one of you signed an Affidavit of Support through an immigration petition, it is crucial that you mention this when speaking with a family law attorney.

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