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On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Divorce |

If you’re an immigrant and have been following the news, then you might be concerned about your future. On account of this, you may be afraid to take any kind of action that might draw attention to your immigration status. This includes divorce. Although proposed changes to the immigration system may have you worried, you should take comfort in the fact that there are usually legal avenues available to protect you and your loved ones.

At the Marin Law Firm, many of our clients who come to us for immigration issues also need assistance with family law matters. Fortunately, our legal team is adept at helping individuals address both matters. Although many law firms take pride in specializing in a particular area of the law, we don’t make that claim. Instead, we specialize in providing individualized legal approaches to each family with which we work. In other words, our focus is your family.

Our legal team routinely represents clients in all types of family law matters such as divorce, including property division and child custody, as well as adoption, prenuptial agreements, powers of attorney, and temporary custody arrangement that can allow a family member to care for your child while immigration matters are sorted out. We provide comprehensive legal representation to address individual’s immigration and family law needs. Even though our country’s immigration laws are in a state of flux, we are results-driven and fight to keep our clients and their families safe and secure in the United States.

Confronting legal issues can be scary even when immigration matters are of no concern. Fortunately, though, you may be able to put those fears to rest by working closely with a legal team that puts you and your family first and foremost.

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