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Consider an initial partial division of marital assets

It's normal to feel anxious about getting divorced. After all, those who are about to go through the process have big changes on the horizon. They'll likely have to adjust to living on their own with a significantly reduced income, and many divorced individuals have to modify the amount of time they spend with their children and how that time is spent. To ensure the best possible outcome, divorcing individuals need to make the strong legal arguments needed to support their position up front.

International child abduction: defenses to a petition to return

It is nothing short of terrifying to discover that your child has been taken out of the country by his or her other parent in violation of a court-ordered custody arrangement. Yet, given the complexities of the situation, it can be difficult to figure out where to even start seeking the child's return. As we discussed in a previous post, the Hague Convention is the best tool to seek the return of a child who has been subjected to international abduction, but the return is not automatic.

Prenuptial agreement's alimony provision may not matter

Most Floridians would consider marriage to be a process through which their physical and emotional commitment is ceremoniously given to another. While this is true in most, if not all, instances, the act of marriage has much broader implications for the parties involved. Perhaps most importantly is the intertwining of financial affairs. This means that wealth built over the course of marriage is typically up for division when divorce occurs, which can threaten to leave an individual on rocky financial footing post-divorce.

A late in life divorce can have ramifications for your retirement

If you're like a lot of Floridians, then you've spent your entire life building your wealth to prepare yourself for retirement. As gratifying as that accumulation can be, it can also serve as a punch to the gut when that wealth is threatened by divorce. This is especially true given that these older individuals, unlike their younger counterparts, are unable to dedicate the time needed to rebuild their nest egg. That is why on a daily basis, older Floridians find themselves trying to figure out how a divorce will affect their retirement and how best to confront the matter to protect themselves as fully as possible.

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