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Consider an initial partial division of marital assets

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Property Division |

It’s normal to feel anxious about getting divorced. After all, those who are about to go through the process have big changes on the horizon. They’ll likely have to adjust to living on their own with a significantly reduced income, and many divorced individuals have to modify the amount of time they spend with their children and how that time is spent. To ensure the best possible outcome, divorcing individuals need to make the strong legal arguments needed to support their position up front.

This can be especially true during the property division process. While marital assets are to be divided equitably amongst the parties, sometimes it is unreasonable and unrealistic to wait for that division process to play out. In these instances, it may be wise to seek temporary distribution of some key marital assets.

Under Florida law, the court can initiate a partial distribution of marital assets if it believes there is good cause to do so. This good cause must be shown by the movant, who must justify the request via sworn motion. If the court agrees to issue a partial distribution order, then it should take that fact into account when dealing with the final division of marital assets. It is important to remember that good cause means that extraordinary circumstances exist, and that these partial distribution orders can deal with marital liabilities, too.

Transitioning to post-divorce life can be scary and stressful. With a competent legal approach to divorce, though, these individuals can better ensure that they start their new chapter in life in the best position possible given the circumstances at hand. To learn more about how to achieve these positive outcomes, individuals should contact their family law professionals.

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