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Increased divorce filings seen after the New Year

There are many things on a person's mind during the holiday season. While it is a time of family, togetherness and celebration, it may also be a time that signifies a major transition for some couples. Although divorce is often not a positive experience, getting through the holidays and into the New Year can often signify a time of change for some. And if a marriage is no longer working, it is a time where many will take a major step like filing for divorce.

How can divorced parents co-parent during the holidays?

With the holidays just around the corner, families are preparing for their celebrations. For divorced families, this often means determining a schedule that works for both parents. Unfortunately, this does not always allow for a fair schedule, as conflicts can arise. Whether both parents celebrate Christmas, one parent celebrates Chanukah, or both parents have their own form of celebration during the holidays, the reality is that celebrations can overlap and cause for conflicts.

Helping you draft a pre or postnuptial agreement

No matter the age of the couple, getting married is a major commitment. It is not only about love and commitment, but it is also about intertwining the lives of each spouse. While this may seem like a logical occurrence when one marries, the reality is that some spouses fear having certain finances and property no longer being entirely his or her own. This is where a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be beneficial.

Can your ex just pack up and take your kids to another state?

Life during and after a divorce is usually full of a lot of change, some obvious and some unexpected. You obviously know you won't continue to live with your former spouse and that you will have to split your assets and the custody of your children. What you might not consider is all of the secondary social, financial and emotional repercussions from a divorce.

Consider legal help when facing complex property division issues

There are many difficult issues that must be addressed when you decide to divorce your spouse. Property division may be among the most important, considering the fact that it may completely define your financial standing after the dissolution of your marriage.

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