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Increased divorce filings seen after the New Year

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Divorce |

There are many things on a person’s mind during the holiday season. While it is a time of family, togetherness and celebration, it may also be a time that signifies a major transition for some couples. Although divorce is often not a positive experience, getting through the holidays and into the New Year can often signify a time of change for some. And if a marriage is no longer working, it is a time where many will take a major step like filing for divorce.

Year after year, the first month of the year sees the most divorce filings. According to some reports, this is known as divorce month. For many couples, they seek to have one last holiday together as a family unit, filing for divorce soon after the holidays have ended.

This seasonal pattern has remained consistent, often peaking during the first two weeks of January. While the overall rate of these divorce filings have not been increasing, it is important to note that marriages have been on a decline. Thus, it still remains a popular time to file for divorce because no one wants to sit their children down right before the holidays to tell them that mommy and daddy are getting divorced. Preserving one last family holiday has remained a constant desire among divorce filers in the month of January.

The divorce process can be an emotional and difficult time, even when one or both spouses believe it is the best step to take. Navigating a divorce can be challenging for individuals, too, especially when unexpected issues or disputes can arise. Thus, it is important to understand what legal options one has at his or her disposal, helping them ensure their rights are protected throughout the process as well as after a divorce agreement is reached.

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