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How can the court prevent parental abductions?

Parental abductions of a child are probably far more common than most people realize. They're particularly a concern when one parent has made threats, has removed a child from the state or country in the past or maintains close cultural and familial ties in another area of the world.

How is a marital home split under Florida property division law?

Property division can be a source of dispute in a Florida divorce. This is especially true regarding the marital home. As the case moves forward and the parties seek to split marital assets, the battle over the marital home or the proceeds from its sale can turn into a long, drawn-out process rife with acrimony. Understanding who is entitled to credits or setoffs during the sale of a home is imperative in a case. As with any family law matter, it can be useful to have legal advice from the beginning.

In a Florida divorce, what factors are considered with alimony?

For Florida couples who are getting a divorce, there will be a litany of issues that will be of concern throughout the process. First and foremost are children, which parent will have custody and how the support agreement will be handled. Other aspects might not seem as important, but will commonly arise as part of a case. Alimony - also referred to as maintenance - is one such concern. When it is decided whether there will be alimony, the court will consider certain factors in its determination. Understanding what will be part of that process is key to a case.

Helping Orlando spouses work through divorce issues

For many married couples in Florida, the decision to end their union is carefully considered, calculated, and deliberated. Unfortunately, this process is not always entered into with a calm mind and well thought out decisions. In a high-conflict situation, emotions run high, and in some cases, a spouse may say or do things that could be contradictory to an amicable divorce. No matter the level of conflict or type of divorce issues faced, it is possible to reach a divorce decree that is fair and workable.

Is your prenup actually valid?

Just writing a prenuptial agreement -- commonly called a prenup -- is not enough. You need to make sure that the agreement is valid. You need to know that, if you decide to get divorced, it really is going to stand.

Legal remedies in a child abduction matter

Family law matters can get complex and emotional for parents in Florida and other states across the nation. Even when a custody agreement is reached, the divorced or separated parents may not see eye-to-eye. This could result in some taking action in a drastic manner, such as abducting a child and leaving the state or country without the knowledge or consent of the other parent.

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