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Legal remedies in a child abduction matter

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Interstate & International Child Abduction |

Family law matters can get complex and emotional for parents in Florida and other states across the nation. Even when a custody agreement is reached, the divorced or separated parents may not see eye-to-eye. This could result in some taking action in a drastic manner, such as abducting a child and leaving the state or country without the knowledge or consent of the other parent.

A child abduction matter can be difficult and emotionally taxing. While a parent may be in panic when the other parent does not abide by the custody arrangement, there are legal remedies available to help the parent bring their child back to them.

Although law enforcement can be reluctant to intervene when a family law issues arises, this is not the case for matters involving kidnapping or domestic violence. In these cases, seeking assistance from law enforcement is often the best, and sometimes, the only remedy available to a parent.

Once a child is located and returned to a parent, the first step is to take action to ensure that this does not reoccur in the future. Violating a child custody arrangement by abducting a child could have serious consequences, resulting in temporary or even permanent elimination of their custodial rights. Additionally, penalties could be implemented for this violation, which can include hefty fines, jail time, loss of custody or even the loss of visitation rights.

Dealing with child abduction can be a very overwhelming and challenging situation to be in. Thus, it is important to understand how best to resolve the matter. This can help get a child returned to a parent and assist with one taking action to better enforce their order.

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