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We are your Orlando family law firm that is committed to your feelings of security and safety. At The Marin Law Firm, we have been meeting our clients at their needs for over 2o years. When we found our clients wanted the ease of communicating with us on-line. We found the best personal on-line secure portal to communicate with confidentially with our clients, exchange documents, access to a calendar of deadlines and important court dates, with accountability to our clients to our commitment to their family law matter. We quickly implemented a new private secure on-line platform. Our clients appreciated the ability to have at their fingertips the ease of reading the details of their case using the secure portal and sending us their questions.

Corvid-19 virus crisis will truly become a defining event – to be measured in before-COVID and after-COVID. The virus has raised everyone’s concerns about how they protect themselves, family and friends from the spread of the highly contagious virus.

Because, of the rapidly changing landscape, now, more than ever, it’s important to feel safe when you need legal advice about your divorce or custody issues. We have implemented virtual meetings that are confidential, private, easy and stress free. You can continue to follow the guidelines of social distancing and other self-care practices. We will still provide the same in-depth strategies and evaluations during your on-line consultation. But now, you can be in the safety and comfort of your home or wherever. . . and still receive the same guidance to navigate family law courts and family legal matters.

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