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What happens if I can’t keep up with my debt payments due to COVID-19 Coronavirus?

by | May 5, 2020 | Bankruptcy |

The number of people out of work due to corvid 19 is unprecedented. The “stay at home” orders to keep us safe have caused employers to furlough or lay off employees and some employers have had to close their business. The relief packages have helped but it is not the solution to the financial troubles.

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Honestly, bankruptcy might be the right step for you and your family, and it might not.

We are not all in the same boat. Yes, we are all in the same storm, but each of us are in a different boat.

You may wonder. . . What should I consider before diving into bankruptcy? Well, first make a list of your debts and honestly answer; Can I afford to make the minimum payments until I find an employment opportunity that I earn the same money as before? Second, try to negotiate with your credit card lenders, car loan, and mortgage bank to pay less or a settlement. Right now, the banks have developed different programs for you to reduce payments or defer payments to a later time. Lastly, talk to a bankruptcy attorney to determine if it is the right time and circumstances to file bankruptcy.

Attorney Carmelina Marin is a bankruptcy attorney that will navigate you through the complex process of bankruptcy. Please call today for an analysis, evaluation and strategy of your situation.

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