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Protection Orders

Are You Subject To A Protection Order?

In Florida, a person can obtain a temporary protection order against you based on nothing more than their own testimony before a judge. As a result, you could be subject to severe consequences before you have a chance to defend yourself.

At The Marin Law Firm, P.A., in Orlando, we are here to defend you against the consequences of a protection order. Attorney Carmelina Marin also helps victims of domestic violence obtain protection orders.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Freedom

If a Florida judge issues a temporary protection order against you, the court will schedule a hearing within 15 days to determine if the order should become permanent. Even if the order is based on false accusations, you should hire an attorney to represent you at this hearing. A protection order can have a devastating effect on your life:

  • You could be barred from contacting the accuser or coming within 500 feet of their home or place of employment.
  • You could be removed from your home or apartment.
  • You could be prevented from seeing your children or be subject to supervised visitation.
  • You could lose the right to possess firearms.
  • Anyone who conducts a background check on you will see that you are subject to a protection order.

Attempting to contact the person who obtained the restraining order could lead to your arrest and a jail sentence. If you need to communicate with the alleged victim, it’s important to have your lawyer speak for you. Otherwise, you could make your situation worse.

For More Information About Florida Protection Orders

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