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Gray Divorce, it does not have to be complicated or acrimonious

gray divorce

If you are over 50, or even 60 years old, you may feel that you are stuck in a marriage that no longer brings you joy or happiness. Please do not feel like you are alone or feel like you have to remain in a marriage, after your children are adults and living separate lives. With the Marin Law Firm we strive to guide you through the divorce process, so that at the conclusion you can start to feel at peace and liberated.

For those more senior individuals that are retired or semi-retired, going through a divorce can be easier than when you were younger. Your children are now adults, you have a wider network of friends that have been divorced and can provide additional support, social groups that can give much needed distraction, and a stronger sense of self care.

At the Marin Law Firm, we understand that not all divorces are the same, regardless if you are 30 something or 50-60 something. Our goal is to find a pathway to your individual goals so that you can start over with less confusion and more certainty. All divorces are difficult, but a grey divorce has unique challenges. There is a finite amount of financial resources. The financial decisions of persons that are nearing retirement age or are retired have a different set of issues since the ability to earn income can be significantly diminished.

How do we help you find your individual pathway to your goals in a grey divorce? We listen.

In a Grey Divorce the principle issue is dividing the couple’s nest egg of assets; home, vacation home, time share, retirements, pensions, annuities, and 401k. And division of debt. At the Marin Law Firm, we sympathize with the anxiety of how you will pay for the increase of expenses of health insurance, housing, and other daily expenses. Our goal is to help find and guide you to a solution.

When we sit down with a client we ask questions. . . and listen. We will consider all of your living expenses, marital debt, and all financial resources of both parties. With our client we analyze how best to divide these assets, debts, and determine the issue of alimony.

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