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Making It Official: Stepparent Adoption

There are many families where stepfathers or stepmothers play a critical role in raising their stepchildren. In certain situations, stepparents may want to formally adopt their stepchild. While stepparent adoptions are relatively common, a lawyer will still be a critical factor in ensuring the adoption process runs smoothly.

At The Marin Law Firm, P.A., families come first. We are fully committed to helping blended families take this important step, and will devote our time and attention to making the stepparent adoption process as easy as possible. While based in Orlando, our law firm represents families across Central Florida.

Guiding You Through Each Part Of The Stepparent Adoption Process

In our first meeting, we will discuss your goals and how to accomplish them. For some stepparent adoptions, the biggest hurdle is terminating the rights of the other parent.

Before a stepparent adoption can take place, the noncustodial parent must legally give up his or her parental rights. In some instances, the noncustodial parent will freely give up these rights. In other cases, the noncustodial parent will resist. In these situations, our attorney, Carmelina Marin, will make a strong case to the judge why the stepparent adoption should take place.

After the parental rights termination hearing, there will be an adoption hearing to formalize the adoption. Whenever possible, Florida courts will hold these hearings on the same day to speed up the process.

When you work with our law firm, know that we will provide candid advice designed to help you understand what to expect in your case. If there is reason to think that the noncustodial parent will contest your stepparent adoption, we will explain what could happen, while working hard to overcome any obstacles in your path. Find out more on our stepparent adoption frequently asked questions page.

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