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In a Florida divorce, what factors are considered with alimony?

For Florida couples who are getting a divorce, there will be a litany of issues that will be of concern throughout the process. First and foremost are children, which parent will have custody and how the support agreement will be handled. Other aspects might not seem as important, but will commonly arise as part of a case. Alimony - also referred to as maintenance - is one such concern. When it is decided whether there will be alimony, the court will consider certain factors in its determination. Understanding what will be part of that process is key to a case.

Helping Orlando spouses work through divorce issues

For many married couples in Florida, the decision to end their union is carefully considered, calculated, and deliberated. Unfortunately, this process is not always entered into with a calm mind and well thought out decisions. In a high-conflict situation, emotions run high, and in some cases, a spouse may say or do things that could be contradictory to an amicable divorce. No matter the level of conflict or type of divorce issues faced, it is possible to reach a divorce decree that is fair and workable.

Increased divorce filings seen after the New Year

There are many things on a person's mind during the holiday season. While it is a time of family, togetherness and celebration, it may also be a time that signifies a major transition for some couples. Although divorce is often not a positive experience, getting through the holidays and into the New Year can often signify a time of change for some. And if a marriage is no longer working, it is a time where many will take a major step like filing for divorce.

A late in life divorce can have ramifications for your retirement

If you're like a lot of Floridians, then you've spent your entire life building your wealth to prepare yourself for retirement. As gratifying as that accumulation can be, it can also serve as a punch to the gut when that wealth is threatened by divorce. This is especially true given that these older individuals, unlike their younger counterparts, are unable to dedicate the time needed to rebuild their nest egg. That is why on a daily basis, older Floridians find themselves trying to figure out how a divorce will affect their retirement and how best to confront the matter to protect themselves as fully as possible.

We can help address immigration and family law issues

If you're an immigrant and have been following the news, then you might be concerned about your future. On account of this, you may be afraid to take any kind of action that might draw attention to your immigration status. This includes divorce. Although proposed changes to the immigration system may have you worried, you should take comfort in the fact that there are usually legal avenues available to protect you and your loved ones.

Can divorce affect my immigration status?

Divorce can be emotionally tumultuous for anyone, but immigrants oftentimes find the process even more anxiety-ridden than others. There's good reason, too. Depending on the circumstances, a divorce can disrupt an immigrant's path to legal permanent resident status, and it may even lead to removal from the country. We hope this post will shed some light on the topic so that immigrants can make more fully informed decisions about whether divorce is truly in their best interests.

Divorcing with your financial future in mind

Many Floridians who are considering divorce find themselves concerned about their future financial well-being. There's good cause for concern, too. A divorce can lead to decreased income, increased expenses, and significantly reduced savings. Therefore, those who are thinking about marriage dissolution should understand how to financially protect themselves for their life after their marriage ends.

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