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When it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones, you put your trust into those in the medical field. When a medical practitioner makes an oversight or is negligent, your life is forever changed. Medical malpractice attorney Carmelina Marin, founder of The Marin Law Firm, PA, knows all too well the significance of these errors and how they impact individuals and families and is here to help you. Malpractice on behalf of the medical profession can occur in a variety of forms, here are a few common issues we unfortunately see.

Surgical Errors

All surgery involves the element of risk; however, surgical errors are very much preventable. From neglect, poor communication, fatigue or even drugs and alcohol, a number of potential dangers could have caused your personal trauma. Surgeons are often scheduled in back to back procedures, one after the next, an assembly line of patients and procedures. The long shifts, lack of sleep and improper planning could leave you the victim of a careless mistake on the operating table. Errors include damage to nerves, administering the improper dose of medications/anesthesia, performing surgery on the incorrect part or incorrect incision site, etc.

Labor and Delivery

The birth of a child should be a joyous time for you and your family. Injury to the mother or infant due to the negligence of a medical professional can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering. Cerebral Palsy, Nerve Injury and Spinal Cord Damage are a few known injuries that can potentially be avoided during delivery with proper care and attention. Each of these claims comes with its own rules for who can sue and what damages can be recovered. Seek immediate legal representation, not only to protect your rights, but also against aggressive insurance adjusters desperate to settle a case before you talk to an attorney.

Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to adjust your personal appearance to feel more confident is a deeply delicate and private matter where explicit trust is handed over to a cosmetic surgeon to execute said change. As a woman who cares for her professional appearance, Attorney Carmelina Marin understands a woman’s vanity and how to aggressively defend your rights when you are already faced with the horror and embarrassment of what has become of your appearance.
Common injuries stemming from cosmetic surgery errors include infection, scarring, complications from anesthesia, nerve damage, and aesthetic damage. Seek immediate legal counsel to protect your rights, as the statute of limitations differs from state to state. Attorney Carmelina Marin can help sift through your concerns and how to best represent you.

Nursing Home Abuse

Trusting others to care for your loved ones when you cannot is often a source of anxiety for families. There is nothing worse than to know that their health and wellbeing could be disrupted over something careless and preventable. From bed sores to falls, malnutrition or being under or over medicated, a number of issues plague our elder loved ones when in the care of a facility. If you feel that something is not right with your family member or friend in the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility, give The Marin Law Firm, P.A. a call today at 407-680-1867. Personal negligence of another is no excuse for our family members to suffer.

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