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Florida enjoys a thriving hospitality and travel industry. The state is a popular destination for tourists throughout the world. Many Sunshine State residents are employed in these industries. Their hard work helps make vacations in Florida pleasurable experiences.

However, an accident at work is anything but pleasurable. If you have been injured on the job, The Marin Law Firm, P.A., will put you and your family first.

Formerly on active duty for the United States Air Force, workers’ compensation lawyer Carmelina Marin possesses particular insight into the aviation industry and the conditions that mechanics and other employees work under.

The Impact On You And Your Family When You Are Suddenly Unable To Work

Workplace accidents in the hospitality and other industries can take many forms and result in serious, career-ending injuries. Hotels, airports and convention centers must adhere to the highest standards of safety for their customers. Workers are entitled to the same protection.

Following an accident, immediate documentation following the workplace injury is paramount. Detailed information on cause of the injury, the attending doctor and the date of the appointment helps us put together a fact-based filing.

The Need For Aggressive Advocacy For You And Your Family

Time is of the essence in filing workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ must report their injury within 30 days and file a claim within two years. Do not assume that your employer or its insurer has your best interests in mind when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Their focus on the company’s bottom line could lead to claims by an employer or doctor of pre-existing conditions.

You need immediate and aggressive advocacy from an attorney with knowledge of the law who can navigate you through a complex process. Carmelina Marin is committed to the best interests of you and your family when fighting to maximize compensation.

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In addition to workers’ compensation cases, we also represent Central Florida residents in unpaid wages claims involving an employer refusing to pay for extra time requested and worked. The Marin Law Firm, P.A., is a Spanish-speaking law firm with Spanish pages that can be found on our website. Contact us online or by calling 407-680-1867.

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