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We are your Orlando family law firm that is committed to your feelings of security and safety. At The Marin Law Firm, we have been meeting our clients at their needs for over 2o years. When we found our clients wanted the ease of communicating with us on-line. We found the best personal on-line secure portal to communicate with confidentially with our clients, exchange documents, access to a calendar of deadlines and important court dates, with accountability to our clients to our commitment to their family law matter. We quickly implemented a new private secure on-line platform. Our clients appreciated the ability to have at their fingertips the ease of reading the details of their case using the secure portal and sending us their questions.

Don't want your ex-spouse to end up as your business partner? Here's how to guard what's likely your most valuable financial asset.


Our home and business are probably the most valuable financial assets you own. You've spent countless hours and resources nurturing and growing your business. Your business can feel that it is as much a part of you , as your family. But did you know that you might be unwittingly doing things that could put your business at risk in the event of a future divorce?

Coronavirus and Co-Parenting (Your Family Will Get Through This)


Coronavirus concerns are making things especially tough on divorced parents who are trying to navigate co-parenting and parenting plan. Generally, a parenting plan includes shared parental responsibility, which means they have equal decision-making authority-including for matters impacting their children's health and welfare.

Is it possible to share custody of an infant during a divorce?

Bringing a new child into this world is not for the faint of heart. Pregnancy, labor and the needs of an infant can all create intense stress on new parents. When you add to that the fact that many men start considering infidelity while their wives are pregnant, you have a recipe for a new baby coming into a family that is already breaking apart.

Too many new parents will stay with a spouse simply because they believe that it is not possible to share custody of an infant or newborn. Thankfully, it is possible to reasonably and responsibly split up custody of a newborn or infant without causing any kind of emotional or social damage to that precious baby.

What to do with the house in a divorce

You're getting a divorce. Does that mean "divorcing" your home, too?

It might. As difficult as it sounds, the decision you need to make about keeping the house must be made logically and not emotionally. Here are some things you need to consider:

How can the court prevent parental abductions?

Parental abductions of a child are probably far more common than most people realize. They're particularly a concern when one parent has made threats, has removed a child from the state or country in the past or maintains close cultural and familial ties in another area of the world.

If you're living in fear that your child's other parent may "grab and run" to another state or country, the court can take action to help prevent this. If the judge agrees that you have a right to be concerned, the court may:

  • Require written consent from both parents for the child to travel out of state
  • Deny permission for the child to visit a country that is not a participant in the Hague Convention agreement regarding international child abductions
  • Require that the child's passport be surrendered to the care of the court
  • Require the suspect parent to post a significant cash bond as a deterrent that would be forfeit if an abduction does occur
  • Put obligations on the other parent to provide contact and travel information whenever the child is permitted to go with them outside the local area
  • Limit the noncustodial parent's ability to approach the child anywhere outside of the scheduled visitation area or time (like at school or on a playground)
  • Imposed supervised visitation on the suspect parent for as long as the court sees fit

How is a marital home split under Florida property division law?

Property division can be a source of dispute in a Florida divorce. This is especially true regarding the marital home. As the case moves forward and the parties seek to split marital assets, the battle over the marital home or the proceeds from its sale can turn into a long, drawn-out process rife with acrimony. Understanding who is entitled to credits or setoffs during the sale of a home is imperative in a case. As with any family law matter, it can be useful to have legal advice from the beginning.

A setoff is when one party is paid a lump sum or is given other assets to release their claim to a piece of property. This would clear the way for the other spouse to do as they wish with the home. There can be no credits or setoffs when the home is sold unless it is agreed to in the divorce; it was part of the final judgment; or there was a judgment to equally distribute the assets or debts, with a specification that the setoffs or credits be part of the decision.

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