For Your Golden Years Prenup Agreements

A Prenup can settle what happens if the marriage fails

Another benefit of a prenuptial agreement is that it can reduce the tensions between the children of the marrying couple. A prenup can give the children of the marrying couple, the security in that their future inheritance is protected.

A prenuptial agreement provides:

1. Transparency for newlyweds marrying later in life. Sharing detailed information about your real financial situation can strengthen the foundation of a marriage by an honest exchange of your current and future finances.

2. Clear decision-making ability. In case a spouse gets sick, incapacitated, or sudden death you will both have a complete understanding of the finances of each other so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your spouse.

3. Estate Planning benefit. Another plus is that with a prenuptial agreement it can compliment your estate plan, to include life insurance and a Trust.

To discuss how a prenup could benefit your own situation, please call The Marin Law Firm at (407) 449-7804 for a consultation.

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