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When you have a legal matter impacting your family, whether it is a divorce, a paternity matter, an adoption or some other issue, you need a lawyer who values family as much as you do. At The Marin Law Firm, P.A., we believe that family comes first. This simple statement guides every part of our legal practice.

Growing up with a Spanish father and El Salvadoran mother, our family law attorney, Carmelina Marin, was taught from an early age to value family, a core belief she holds and practices to this day. Our law firm upholds and reflects these values as well. Our overriding goal in every matter is to effectively and affordably help you through your specific challenges. At the same time, we believe that our clients should understand what they can expect in their case. We will be practical and realistic about your options, and help you make informed decisions.

We Take On All Types Of Family Law Matters

Our law firm represents clients in many areas, including:

  • Prenup/postnup agreements: A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can preserve your property rights in the event you and your spouse later divorce. We can create an agreement that reflects your wishes and protects your interests.
  • Paternity: Establishing paternity is extremely important to mothers and fathers. It is important to confirm the paternity of your child as quickly as possible. Our law firm represents men and women in paternity matters, providing our strong guidance and support.
  • International family law: International divorce or marriage can be extremely complex. We understand the international laws that apply to families and will develop an effective strategy on your behalf.
  • Support or custody modification: Your and your ex-spouse’s lives will change after divorce. It is important for your divorce decree to reflect these changes. If you need to modify child custody, child support or spousal support, we can help.
  • Stepparent or relative adoption: Our lawyer can help you overcome the potential obstacles involved in a stepparent or relative adoption.

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Whatever your family law needs, we can help you make difficult decisions and move forward on the best possible terms. Call 407-680-1867 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. While located in Orlando, we represent families throughout Central Florida.

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