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The family unit has evolved dramatically over the years. While the traditional family of a husband, wife and children used to be the norm, today, families can involve many different types of arrangements. Whatever your family arrangement, one thing is certain. If your child was born out of wedlock, or if you have questions about your child’s paternity, it is very important to establish paternity as soon as possible. Waiting to confirm whether a child is yours can have devastating legal and financial consequences.

Knowing the biological father is fundamental to a child’s development. Knowing if that child is — or is not — yours is critical to enjoying your rights and fulfilling your obligations. To help you establish or disprove paternity, you need the experience of paternity lawyer Carmelina Marin, and The Marin Law Firm, P.A., in Central Florida.

Ensuring Your Rights — And Your Child’s — Are Protected

Paternity issues are a major part of our firm’s family law practice. We regularly represent men and women facing paternity issues. Whatever your situation involves, you can rely on us to carefully explain your options and your rights.

When representing mothers, we can help take the appropriate steps to legally establish the biological father’s paternity. Once we establish paternity, we can take appropriate measures to determine child support and a parenting plan.

For fathers, we can help you take all legal steps to establish paternity, or confirm whether you are (or are not) the biological father of your child. If you have any questions as to whether you may be the father of a child, it is critical to take action immediately. Florida law will make many assumptions as to paternity, particularly when the mother and possible father are married. The sooner you work with our law firm, the more options you will have.

We say these things not to create fear, but to help you understand the importance of confirming paternity. Whether you are a mother or father, we will provide skilled legal counsel and attentive client service at each step of the way.

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